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Holly Springs Ice Cream Shop

The Original Downtown

Special Memories Made Here

What is it about ice cream that makes get-togethers more fun? The creamy, sweet, and cold texture of ice cream is irresistible!


At JT's Creamery, our passion for ice cream is a long family tradition we want to share with our Holly Springs community.

Having a cone or bowl of ice cream with friends or family is a fun and enjoyable activity that brings people together.


So come on over with your family, friends, and neighbors and share in our passion for delicious handcrafted ice cream and create those special memories!


Homemade Holly Springs Ice Cream


The Best Ice Cream Experience

High values define and guide our beliefs, attitudes, and actions.


When it comes to our ice cream shop and delivering exceptional customer service and satisfying ice cream products, JT's Creamery never cuts corners.


The values below truly make our shop a special place for everyone.

Top 4 Values You Can Expect from JTs Creamery

  1. A warm welcome in a family-friendly environment that caters to everyone

  2. Handmade, quality ice cream made with the freshest, all-natural ingredients

  3. Ice cream flavors that suit the most in-demand tastes, as well as rotating seasonal flavors

  4. Delicious ice cream that is hand-crafted every day on-site in our shop

Handcrafted Holly Springs Ice Cream
From Our Family To Yours...

Our Holly Springs Ice Cream Shop Story

Community-Driven From The Start

In the name of community and family. From our family to yours, get Fresh, Creamy, and Delicious homemade ice cream in Holly Springs.


At JTs Creamery, we are on a mission to make sure to serve you and your family a wonderful experience and the freshest and creamiest ice cream this side of Wake County.

Read more about our ice cream passion and being a community-driven local ice cream shop!

JT's Creamery ice cream family

fresh ice cream

Fresh blueberry ice cream
Mint ice cream and leaves
Happy & Satisfied Ice Cream Rockstars

"JT's has very yummy ice cream. I had the coconut almond ice cream and it was delicious. The coconut flavor was not artificial at all. The service was pretty quick and you can taste test any flavor you want to try."

April Williams

"Finally found exceptionally good ice cream in the area. It is dense and rich like ice cream should be! Lots of creative and classic flavors."

Deidren Kiwin

Fresh raspberry ice cream
Dripping ice cream scoop

"Finally a place that had delicious Vegan iced cream! Please get more dairy free flavors and keep up the good work!"

Derek Teixeira (Local Guide)

"Thank you JTs for the snickers ice cream and thank you Lindsay for the friendly service and smile. Great way to get ready for a new week!"

A Butler

"Great Ice cream, kind and fast customer service. Will be back!"

Tiffany Gall

Banana and fresh ice cream

"Great ice cream so family friendly. My kids had a great time there, gio was so patient when we trying to pick out flavor."

Brendan Athy

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