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about us


Local Ice Cream Shop

In downtown Holly Springs

Our Local Ice Cream Spot

JT's Creamery is proud to support family-owned dairy farms. Locally sourced all natural ingredients are our pride and joy. You will not find any added colors, dyes, or corn syrups here!


Nothing but The Best Local Ice Cream Shop for you and your family! Be sure to check our social media updates for fresh seasonal offerings. 

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We LOVE Holly Springs

You ever visit a town and fall in love with it so much ...that you open up a family-friendly, community-driven local ice cream shop? That's exactly what we did, and we are here for you, Holly Springs!


What is not to love about this town? Holly Springs and the downtown corridor are exploding with community-backed initiatives that make this town a great place to live, work, and play (and eat the freshest ice cream). 

Join our family in a local ice cream shop that you can call your own. We love our community and are proud to support local businesses and downtown growth. And with so many ice cream flavor offerings, you'll definitely find one that is sure to whet any savory ice cream appetite. COME JOIN US AND SAY "HI!"


Meet Our Family

We are NY natives who migrated south to be close with our children and grandchildren. We are lovers of family time, friendly gatherings, and cultivating community.

Welcome to JT's Creamery
& Ice Cream Shop

Delicious chocoloat ice cream - JT's Creamery
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